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The holidays are coming up, and with it the tradition of sending Christmas Cards! This year I wanted to do something special: to send an entire game as a card! This roll-and-write Christmas Card about decorating your tree with your mischievous cat around features a postcard back, so you can just tape it shut and send it on its way. The rules are on the inside.

This game is mainly designed to be light enough, both in rules and components, that it should be playable by virtually anyone.

This is for the downloadable files only, you will have to get it printed or print it yourself. This is also a personal pilot; if there is enough interest, I will attempt to get a full set of 4-5 physical cards available for purchase next year.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RnWChristmasCard_2.0_Card.pdf 2 MB
aRnWChristmasV1.1.Postcard.pdf 823 kB
aRnWChristmasV1.1.PostcardSpreads.pdf 821 kB
aRnWChristmasV1.1.TradCard.pdf 820 kB

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RnWChristmasCard_2.0_RulesInsert.pdf 3 MB

Development log


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thanks for updating this, looking forward to it. 

I didn't see the rules insert file mentioned in the Development Log show up on the download page. Is there another spot to get it? or does it replace one of the files on the download page? 

thanks again,


Hi Marc,

It replaces the rules pdf that is freely available to look at, which itch lists as a demo.

got it, thanks much!


According to the rules, what can I write above 12? It should be higher than either numbers below. Supposed it is either impossible to write there anything (remains empty?) and consequently means to cross out an icon OR allow _higher or equal_ numbers? Going on with this, if a 12 can be written on top of 12 (and nothing else), that ends with 12's lining up from there. 


By the time you get to 12's too low down, you have painted yourself in a corner. 12 is the highest you can get on two six-sided dice, so indeed, you will end up losing the game. When I allowed players to use higher or equal, the tree was too easy to fill, and it was very unsatisfying. Similar to games like Qwixx and Qwinto, the high numbers are not necessarily good to have, and are often traps, even though it's the most points you can score when placed in an ornament.

If you feel the game is too hard as written, you are more than welcome to house rule allowing equal or higher numbers, have the use of one of the icons be a reset where you roll two dice and have to use the result (which is allowed regardless of #), or anything else you can come up with. The form of the Christmas card forced me to keep the game simple and introduce as little exceptions or special cases as possible, which is why the game likely ends on 12's.


Perfect reply, thanks for the clarification! I will try to avoid 12's or use it on the top :) 

Thanks for all the effort put in designing this game! 

Don't mention it, thank you for the support! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Hi Joey

I bought your game Merry Christmas R&W, and I translated the game into Spanish, so if you can make it up and put it also in Spanish, since I think a lot of people will buy it if you put it in Spanish.

Very good idea and I hope to repeat in the next few years or why not make a roll & write advent calendar.

And if like in other languages, i can do too in catalonian.


Deleted 1 year ago

I read the demo rules. What is the turn structure? They say to roll 6 dice then pick 2, but what next? Continue picking and once all picked re-roll all 6 again?  Are there rules  for more than 1 player? Interesting idea but I want to ensure the rules are clear before sending this to non-gamers. Thanks!

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Each turn you roll, pick two, then write; after writing the new turn starts. There are only solo rules. Thank you for your question!